Fashion Consultant Initial Fee $69 to $205

Additional fee for out of state/country, contact us for more details.

We assist you to enhance your personal image by guiding in selecting the appropriate clothes for any occasions whether it is work related or any high end event.

We advise or lead you to decide which styles are trendy and flattering to tailor your taste and figure.

We guide individuals in wardrobe arrangements and coordination of as per occasion.

We help selecting clothing during photo shoots, fashion shows or any other event.

We assist non-profit organizations to built wardrobe for underprivileged customers unable to afford services.

Home Styling initial Fee $186 to $575

Additional fee for out of state, contact us for more details.

LadyCha Chic Decor provides exceptional decor and punctilious in making your place feel and look like your Dream Palace. We will assist you throughout the entire process.

To fully understand the scope of the project, we provide two to three hours for the initial assessments at a fee that is non-refundable.

The assessment includes visits the client site, analyzing and assessing the entire space that the client wishes to make changes. We will come up with three solutions and will provide blue prints for considerations. If the client chooses to move forward and have the work done, we must agree on a budget before the project starts.

We will put together a variety of products that are available locally and personalized according to your preference. We’ll make the selections and discuss plan any adjustments together.

Lifestyle Management services

We are here to help, we are committed to fulfilling your desire, and catering to your request whether big or small. Every proactive recommendation, such as holiday party, tutor, or simply the best restaurant in town, will be carefully selected to supplement member’s so that they can make the most of every moment.


Our mission is to unearth the most amazing destinations, and curate tailor-made experiences that our members will treasure forever. 


Our culinary team specialists will have their fingers firmly on the pulse of fine dining venues, and the latest trends in food and wine. We will also ensure that our members are offered a truly unforgettable experience.


We can turn our members’ dreams into reality as we are devoted to create unforgettable experience such as helping to locate coveted cultural events, exhibitions and shows, highly sought-after restaurants, private dinner parties, and VIP wine tastings. 


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